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3 December 2020 - 7 December 2020
2nd Gazelle Accelerator (Online) programme event

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Gazelle Accelerator programme event

Inspiring plenary sessions, pitch sessions and competition, and targeted 1:1 meetings promises knowledge gain and new business contacts.

The programme event brings together companies (buyers as well as suppliers) from a large number of European countries. This is a unique opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts. The model is time - and cost efficient and result in business! Meetings will take virtually and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

Gazelle Accelerator programme 

Gazelle Accelerator, business acceleration activity of EIT Manufacturing, aims at supporting existing technology-based companies, SMEs and Start-ups, by accelerating their international business and innovation capacities.

Why participate?

  • As technology provider: Technology based SMEs and start-ups in industry 4.0 propose their solutions to European end-users
  • As technology buyer: Corporates and SMEs find innovative solutions in industry 4.0 in Europe
  • As investor: Investors find high growth potential technology based companies to invest on

What Gazelle Accelerator has to offer:

Gazelle Accelerator programme include the following support:

To SMEs and Start-ups:

  • Business development support: business coaching with experts, B2B events with European corporates, access to finance through Investors and finance days
    • Innovation support: integration to the EIT Manufacturing innovation project funding calls led by EIT Manufacturing members, new innovation collaboration opportunities with other European Start-ups and SMEs of the programme

    • Internationalisation support: facilitate the business development in other European countries with the network partners of EIT Manufacturing

    To Corporates and SMEs as buyers:

    • Matchmaking of needs and challenges in industry 4.0 with innovative solutions
    • Company opens its doors to integrate new value chains

      To Investors: 
      • Matchmaking to ideas with a large market, a competitive advantage, and potential to generate cash flow
      • Exchange of finance and/or knowledge flows

      To Universities and RTOs:

      • Enable collaboration opportunities for innovation projects


      Closed since 7 December 2020

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      Participants 39
      Meetings 30


      Austria 2
      Croatia 2
      France 7
      Germany 2
      Greece 2
      Italy 1
      Lithuania 1
      Netherlands 10
      Portugal 1
      Romania 1
      Slovakia 3
      Spain 11
      Sweden 1
      Total 44


      SME 8
      Start-up 24
      Corporate 4
      Industrial Companies 2
      Venture Capital / Investor 1
      University 1
      Research and Technology Organizations 2
      Other 2
      Total 44

      Profile views

      Before event 495
      After event 11
      Total 506